Why Fit N Happy


Adrienne Carmouche: "Five years ago I'd gained 50 lbs and was nervous about keeping up in an exercise group. Kellar does a lot of timed stations with options regarding difficulty level, so everyone in the group can go at their own pace. This allowed me to start slow and challenge myself more as I got more into shape. I have lost the 50 lbs since joining and kept it off for three years! Kellar keeps the workouts fun and makes everyone feel comfortable. I'd recommend her classes to anyone at any level of fitness!"



I am basically lazy. I'm in my 60s, and I didn't want to join a gym or pay a lot of money to a personal trainer who would make working out painful and/or make me feel guilty. Thank God for Kellar. Based on the way I answered her fitness questionnaire, she set up an affordable, easy-to-follow workout plan for me, complete with illustrations, and sent it via e-mail. Every week she checks in to see how I'm doing, and is always encouraging even when I confess my workout and diet fails. She has given me the kind of motivation I need to stick with the program.

Kellar has seen me through some injuries, sending me special exercises and suggestions on how to work around those kinds of setbacks.

I want to stay strong and active as I age, and Kellar provides the knowledge, motivation, cheerleading, and guidance I need as I continue to work toward my fitness goals.

--Barbara Meyers 

Anna Brown: "I have tried many classes before and never really cared for the way the instructors ran their classes. Mostly I cannot abide pushiness or yelling. Kellar is very encouraging, yet she also realizes that everyone has his/her own pace, especially beginners. I very much appreciated the way she worked with me in the beginning to give me check-downs if I felt certain moves were too strenuous, but at the same time encouraged me to keep moving. That philosophy has kept me working out with her for over a year now. Now the moves that used to be too difficult for me are like second nature! She inspires me to challenge myself and I feel stronger and more powerful than I ever have. Her classes are fun, upbeat and challenging. I look forward to them every week!"